Below are excerpts from some of the many notes of appreciation
we have received from recipients in past years.

 “I received a check from your organization. I was so struck with grace and thanks.  So often it has been I who gave and shared and now I am receiving. Thank you from my heart- whoever submitted my name has known my struggles. I am so grateful for this generosity that bought us food and simple essentials.” 


“Hello, I just wanted to write and tell you guys that I really appreciate the donation you provided for me and my lil family. I was a little surprised because it was unexpected and it couldn't have come at a better time. My income supports a family of 4 so as you can imagine, money gets tight around the holidays.My daughter attends a pausd elementary school and I didn't qualify for the school lunch financial aid and this gift helped pay for that month. Thank you so much for this kind gesture and for all that you do in spreading a lil Christmas cheer into many people's lives during the holidays.”

“Thank you, thank you so much for your donation that we received before Christmas.  We are all very touched by your heartfelt generosity, and kindness during trying times. Knowing that someone out there cares is really uplifting.  We wish all the volunteers and the donors much happiness and peace for 2018.”

“Wow! Words cannot express how grateful we are to have received this unexpected Christmas gift from your organization. We are extremely grateful and blessed! God bless you and the donors. “


 “I received a donation from you guys and … it helped me a lot to buy something for my daughter and my new grandson. I am so grateful for the help from Christmas Bureau of Palo Alto for the Christmas Gift.  Thank you so much and wish you all a Happy New Year.”


“Thank you so much for a wonderful Christmas gift. We were so excited & thankful for it. We truly appreciate the beautiful gesture. May you be able to help more families in the years to come. God bless you more.”

“Thank you so much for the Christmas gift!  It brightened up our Christmas!  We really appreciate it!  Thank You!”


“Thank you all so much for the donation!  Our family was having a rough time this year due to cost of living.  Our rent increased, our water billed doubled!  I am the guardian and sole provider of my two granddaughters.  Even though I work, my bill’s are higher than my income!  Your donation let me purchase gifts for my girls.  Now we have put up our tree and have gifts for the girls to see!  Thank you so much for the help and the joy you have given my girls.”


“No words can express my appreciation towards this organization and your generosity.  Emotions always fill my eyes when receiving your gift in the mail because it always, always, comes in the time of need!  I am happy to tell you that these funds went to purchasing warm clothes/socks for all 3 of my children!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide for my children and keep them warm during these cold days!”


“Thank you so much for your gift.  I struggle each month to have eough money to live on.  Your thoughtfulness has made my life a little easier this December!”


“Thank you for making the holidays extra special for my children and me.  We really appreciate it!


“Thanks to the Christmas Bureau of Palo Alto and everyone who supports this wonderful program.  Our family had a very nice Christmas dinner….presents for our 2 daughters,…the older one got shoes and the little one got a dragon.  God Bless You!”


“We greatly appreciate your contribution to our family this holiday season.  It is very helpful to us and it warms our hearts that you are thinking of us!”


“Thank you very much for your generous gift for our family!  We had a very nice Christmas with family and I could get some nice clothes for my son! Thank you again, and may God bless you!”


Thank you so much for your generous donation in behalf of our family.  We appreciate your help in making our family’s Christmas brighter.  We are humbled by your thoughtfulness.”


“Thank you so very much for the Christmas check.  It helped tremendously!”


“Thank you so, so much for the financial gift.  I hugely appreciate it.  Between my car getting fixed and …child support late …and my surgeries…I’ve fallen behind on rent.  The financial gift helped my kids and I.  Thank You!”


“At Christmas time your gift is soooo appreciated & needed!  Heartfelt Thank You’s”


“Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift of time and money!”


“Gentlepeople, thank you for your help and consideration.  I appreciate your check and for including me in your generosity!”


“Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.  I will be using it to purchase Leandra a new scooter and protective gear.  Your generous donation will be putting a bigger smile on her face.”


“We are so grateful for you.  Every year you put a smile on my mom’s face because she gets to buy my brother and I presents.  You have made this a possibility throughout the years and for that we will always keep you in our prayers.  Thank you for lifting my mothers load; therefore making it a very Merry Christmas.”


“I bought a super beautiful pair of very warm boots from Ross called Bearpaw which I wear every morning as a school crossing guard at Addison Elementary School.  It is very cold at 7:20 AM.  Again, thank you for a super wonderful gift from you!”


“I want to thank you for the check that you sent to me.  It is the truth that this gift has made a difference in my life.  Sincerely, and God bless!”


“Thank you so much for your gifts through many years now, at Christmas.  I hope you know how much you help me and so many others.  Many, many thanks!”


“Thank you so much for the check you sent for my family & I.  I was able to give my children a wonderful Christmas!”


“We would like to thank you for making our Christmas more memorable and less stressful.  We greatly appreciate your help during these holidays.  Our kids are very thankful for the gifts they were able to receive with your help!  God Bless you!”


“I appreciate everything you have done for our family with the help you have provided us.”  


“Thank you so much for your gift.  As a senior, I appreciate all your efforts to make the holidays a little brighter.”


“I want you to know that your generous gift makes my life better.  I am a drop in client at the Opportunity Center.  My life is so much better knowing you.  Thank you, and God Bless You!”


“Gentlepeople, Thank you so very much for including me in your Christmas gift.  I can really use it for food this month.  I wish you all a good holiday season.”


“Thank you so much for the check you sent me for Christmas.  I will go to my favorite book store and enjoy choosing a book!  Probably a poetry book!  Happy New Year and much appreciation!”


“Thank you so much for your gift.  This means I won’t have to stretch my funds to reach the end of the month.  You folks are a God send, and I’m sure you’ve earned your angel’s wings many times over. "


“I want to thank you for the help you have given to me and my children this year, and in past years.  Your help has made the difference between a stark holiday season and a bountiful one!  Blessings to you!”


“Thank you so much for my Christmas check.  It sure came in handy.  I only had $1.77 left in my checking!  Blessings!”


“Thank you so much!  I wish all the people who work at the Christmas Bureau and take care of elders a Happy Holiday!”


“I just want to extend a huge Thank You to you and whomever nominated me for this Blessing!  I was down to only $.50 in my account and did not know how I was going to make it through next week.  This was a very big blessing.  Many thanks!”


"I want to thank you so much for the gift.  I opened it up and started crying.  I thank God that he brought someone across my path to think enough of me to refer me to you.  Thank you, again.  This has made a difference."


"Thank You for your very generous gift!  Me and my lil one definitely appreciate it.  We want to thank all of your organization for doing all within your power to help those in need.  Forever grateful!"


"Your check is very much appreciated.  It came, fortunately for me, when I’m down to my last five dollars after paying all  my obligations and it wasn’t even mid-month yet.  Thank you for your generosity and compassion for the less fortunate."


"God Bless You.  I am so grateful.  I want you to know how much it means to me to get this gift.  I am 59 years old.  I have no bio-family and I am very grateful to the people of Palo Alto."


"My family would like to thank you (Christmas Bureau of Palo Alto) for your great present.  We really appreciate your donations and all the great thoughts of a good Christmas, 2014.  Thanks for helping and thinking of those in need."


"Thank you for the gift, which fell on our heads like manna from heaven.  We bought gifts for our grandchildren for Christmas.  …. May the wind always be at your back!"


"I would like to take a moment to thank you so very much for your donation.  This Christmas, it really made a difference in my life!"


"Dear Friends, Thank You ver much for your gift.  This gift made a difference in our life.  We also are deeply grateful for friends like you, who support us.  With heartfelt thanks!"


"Your monetary gift was an unexpected, but pleasant and appreciated surprise!  We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you!  The timing could not have been better."


"Thank you so much for the check.  I am a school crossing guard and I need new warm gloves.  Your gift will keep my hands warm and with a sale, I might be able to get a new warm hat as well.  I appreciate and am grateful for what you do."  


"Thank you so much for your gift.  I believe that it is in the giving that we truly receive.  It will go towards paying bills.  We live in such stressful times…again, thank you for your kindness.  It is much appreciated."


"Thank you so much for the gift you sent to my family…..because of the rain, my husband had worked very little hours, and your help came in an perfect time for us."


"Dear all, thank you for the surprise in the mail. We appreciate the gift so much. Our kids' shoes have holes and they have learned to jump through the puddles in this rain season. This gift actually can help us to get new sneakers for them. Please thank those who give so

generously to us. Thank you so much for helping us. On behalf of my whole family, we would like to wish you all a happy holiday season!"

“I lost my job the beginning of October.  Your gift actually bought me food!  Yes, you do make a difference and put a smile on my face!  Much gratitude!”

“Thank you all who make this gift a way for a lot of people to enjoy this season.  I will use it to buy my daughter a coat & pants....with much appreciation!”

“”...Your contributions in making a memorable Christmas will not be forgotten.  It is good to know that there are people that serve as anchors for others when the tidal waves of economic difficulty and instability hit...Being considerate of others’ beliefs is just as important as being considerate of needs.  Thanks!”

“Thank you so much for your kind and generous gift this holiday season...This year we are using the money to buy new tree lights and even more important, Legos for our second youngest son, and a remote control car for our youngest...The joy and delight we expect they will feel once they find their gifts would not have been possible without your help and we greatly appreciate it now and always.”

“What a wonderful surprise and gift!  This has been a particularly challenging year for our family and with the holidays coming, the money was a huge help.  Thanks, again!”

“Thank you very much for your generous gift.  It means a lot to us!  It is traditions like this that make our community so different.   Wishing you a very Happy Holiday”

“Thank You!  I live in poverty and your gift helped to make life a little more bearable”

“My wife and I and the entire family would like to send our deepest thanks and gratitude for the gift you have given us this Xmas season.  Again, accept our warmest and sincerest regards for the big thing that really helps us.”

“On behalf of my mother, ---, I would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your kindness and generosity...I will make sure that the money so kindly sent by the Christmas Bureau will be used to bring --- some joy and lift her spirits...It is so comforting and moving to realize that other people think of you and care for your well being.  Thank you again, and God bless you and your loved ones.”

“Thank you so much!  for your generous present to our family, we really appreciate this, and the moment it arrived was just perfect because it helped us a lot in our sometimes financial struggles.”

“My name is --- and I want to thank you for the check that you sent to me.  This gift made  a difference in my life this year for Christmas”

“Thank you so much for this gift.  My 16 year old and 4 year old will be getting some much needed gifts this year.  You guys make a difference.  Happy Holidays to everyone.”

“Your check for me arrived yesterday and it does indeed ‘make a difference.’  My first thought is gratitude, and the second is books!  I love poetry so the top of the list is a new Mary Oliver book called Dog Songs.  Thanks so much and many good wishes to all of you.”

“Many thanks to you all!  We really appreciate the gift.  It makes my four kids smile so big on Christmas!  Much love...”

“Gentlepeople:  Thank you for including me in your gift list.  This has been a very rough year ‘health wise’ Your gift is very much appreciated.”

“God bless...Thank you very much.  I bought ...groceries at Safeway...”

“Sincerest of thanks and my unconditional love to all at Christmas Bureau of P.A.  Many Happy returns...Joyfully”


“This was a very trying year for our family and honestly I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull Christmas off until I received your check.  I greatly appreciate you and the donors for your generosity.” 


“Thank you for the $--check.  The State of California forced me into unplanned retirement.  I used this check to buy a blouse to wear for a tracking demonstration related to a job interview.  My hope is that this year I will be able to give back to the Christmas Bureau”


“Without your generous gift we would not have been able to have anything under the tree for our 10 year-old son this year.  We were also able to stretch your gift into groceries.  Opening the letter from you, brought tears to my eyes, that there are such wonderful people in this community……….As soon as we are back on our feet, we will be donating back to you….”


“Thank you for the recent gift that arrived for Christmas.  I have 3 boys and these resources helped me buy new jackets and jeans.”


“You are angels bringing Christmas cheer to help with holiday expenses.  It was a welcome surprise when I opened your envelope and found a gift of $---.”


“I can’t tell you how much your gift means to our family at our low time.  Your gift is going to be the reason that our 11-year-old will have a smile on her face on Christmas morning. 


 “….and this check will help me to purchase a gift for my 88-year-old friend…”


 “Once again, many thanks to the Christmas Bureau for the extra help on Holiday strain.  I recently lost my house so anything makes a  difference.” 


“This comes at a most needed time for me since earlier in the year I was ill and unable to work for a few months.  Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending the check to me.”


 “Thank you again!!!  You have been a big blessing again for us this year.”


Thank you very much for the gift.  I used the money to buy a warm winter jacket and a pair of leather gloves.”


“Thank you – thank you angel of Christmas.  The gift will most certainly help with Christmas gifts and a Christmas dinner. …….. Buying gifts for four children will be less of a struggle this year.”


“Thank you to all who are “The Christmas Bureau”!  Your organization and heartfelt efforts that bless the community of Palo Alto with your thoughtfulness, caring and generous gifts are so very much appreciated and cherished.  The great surprise of receiving help this Christmas was especially remembered as my daughter and I ate our Christmas dinner.   Your gift helped me put a nice dinner on the table and as we said grace we were sure to give thanks for the wonderful blessings we were gifted.  We also give thanks for being a part of such an awesome community here in Palo Alto.”


“We have had no Christmas except for the Christmas Bureau for nineteen years.” 


“Thank you so very much for making this holiday possible.  We bought a Christmas tree and a tank full of gas.”


“Thank you for the money.  I had lost my sweater and scarf so with this money I will be able to buy a new sweater and scarf in this cold weather.”


“….your help arrived at a very difficult time.  I never expected anything like this and opening your letter brought tears to my eyes.” 

The tires on the car were bald and I needed gifts for my kids.  I thank you so much for making my life a little easier and my spending choices less stressful.”